About us

The Faserwerk is a place of creativity, design and participation. A sewing workshop, a screen printing workshop and a small photo lab are set up. A small shop invites you to browse through second-hand clothes and have a chat. The Faserwerk is a project of the Kulturfabrik Löseke and was launched with the support of the state in 2018.

Workshops and open work take place regularly. But the Faserwerk is what you make of it. A place where you can realise your own projects, where there is coffee and company and space for new ideas. The Faserwerk also has an impact on the city outside the shop. In projects and activities, we work together with residents and cooperation partners to revitalise public spaces in and around Hildesheim and develop perspectives for a good life together.

This is only possible through the support and cooperation of many. The Faserwerk lives through the people who use it, through a committed team, great collaborations and the support of funding bodies. Thank you very much!