Second-hand section

We would like to offer an alternative to mass consumption in the textile sector. We are open on Mondays and Thursdays from 3pm to 7pm. Lovely labels tell the stories of the clothes (at least if the previous owners have some time to write). There are clothes and shoes for children and adults and you can browse and try them on. If you just fancy a cup of coffee or tea, you are also welcome to drop by. The proceeds of the sale will be donated to the project work of the Faserwerk.

You want to pass on clothes yourself?

In the second hand area of the Faserwerk, clothes find new owners. You can buy clothes yourself for a donation or hand them in at the Faserwerk, which we then sell for you. The Faserwerk is not like an ordinary second hand shop, because every piece of clothing has a story that we would like to tell: Each garment has an occasion it was worn, an emotion or memory associated with it... we want these stories and would like to share them. So feel free to write these stories on a label. From experience, we have learned that there are a few rules that need to be followed when giving away clothes:

  • You can give a maximum of 10 parts.
  • The clothes should be freshly washed and still wearable, i.e. have no stains or broken spots. (By the way, you can repair broken clothes in our sewing workshop and give them a second life).
  • What we do not accept: Underwear, lingerie, socks and tights.
  • Please bring seasonally appropriate clothes: In summer please no winter clothes, in winter please no summer clothes.
  • We set the prices in consultation with you. The prices are always to be understood as a donation recommendation, so you are allowed to trade 😊
  • So that we can carry on the story of your garment, we would be very pleased if you would write us a little line about the respective garment on the label!

Your clothes are in our second-hand section. What happens then ...

We try to sell your things! The proceeds from the sale of your clothes will be split 50:50. That means: You get half, the other half goes as a donation to the Faserwerk. We use this money to finance the rent for the shop and to buy new plants for the raised beds on Ottoplatz.

IMPORTANT! Anything that has not been sold after about half a year goes to the sewing area for further processing or is donated by us, for example to the homeless aid organisation in Hildesheim. If you do not want this, please let us know! We will then inform you by phone as soon as your clothes have been removed from the shop assortment. You can then pick them up as soon as possible.